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How to Sign Up in Lucky Jet – account registration?

For getting the membership on the platform, there is no need for solid experience earned beforehand – both novices and common gamblers can comfortably play the game. The only requirement the source presents is about getting acquainted with terms and conditions that work on the website and its slots. From the Lucky Jet 1win side, the developer introduces all the available licenses and other necessary information about judicial specifics – this information can be found on the starting page. 

Together with this, the user has to make up the new login and figure out the secure password to it. All the information should be valid or do not contain any mistakes, as the next step requires personality verification. Through it, the future player introduces the document, in most cases – the passport – where the administration can clearly check their age and country of residence. After making sure the data is valid and trustworthy, the user gets the corresponding notification through the email or phone.

Sign up methods:

  • Mobile registration
  • Sign up by social media
  • Sign up by e-mail

Lucky Jet Sign Up by Email

The Lucky Jet login email is used more commonly for signing in, as it is much harder to mistype in the field and easier to ensure confidentiality. The method works on both the original website and its mirrors, so there are no issues if the site address slightly differs. It is necessary to fill in the questionnaire:

  • Full name
  • Country of residence
  • Applicable currency
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • E-Mail

When the questionnaire is sent, the link with confirmation email is sent to the specified address, which, after redirection, sends the data to administration’s approval. For the next logins, it will be used as the main way to retrieve the information from the server.

how to sign up lucky jet 1win by Email
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Lucky jet Sign Up by Phone Number

On the other hand, while e-mail may experience delays in notification, the phone is always nearby, so quite a number of players prefer to use it for signing in. Similar to e-mail, through it the user receives an invitation link, which redirects one back to the site after confirmation.

When the process is done, the user can also complete optimizing the site for themselves, setting up currency for rupees, adding the required paying instruments, selecting preferred language and more.

Luckyjet Login via Social Networks

In order to omit the complicated steps of entering the same information, there is also an alternative for signing in with the help of an existing social account.

When using them, all the relevant fields retrieve the information from it, filling in around half of the overall questionnaire volume.

The following data remains to be entered:

  • Country of residence
  • Applicable currency
  • Phone number

For the next sign in, there will be no need to fill in the information all over again – it is enough to click on an icon of a linked social account to be transferred to the account. If necessary, this procedure can also be done later in the profile settings.

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first sign-up lucky jet 1win bonus

Bonus for the First Sign-Up Lucky Jet 1 Win

Whenever the user completes their first login into the system, they can expect an additional welcoming gift from the platform. One of the questionnaire fields is responsible for entering the promo code, so that after its activation and first balance replenishment, the deposit sum is increased five times. The bigger the initial amount, the more benefit one will gain, so it is highly recommended to use such an opportunity.

Lucky Jet account Verification

The process of registration is usually not stopped on the link confirmation, as the Lucky Jet game involves gambling principles and betting mechanism. This is why the age and residence verification are added to the process, helping to indicate whether the person can handle the responsibility for playing and is in the legal age to play.

Any cheating during the process is strictly prohibited, such as faking the data, introducing the information of another person or attaching the wrong document. If one of these factors appear, the administration immediately declines the request for creating an account and, in the worst-case scenario, bans the account from further activity on the source.

In special cases, the support team may contact you personally to confirm your identity and age. It is 1win Lucky Jet policy not to have more than 1 account and not to allow anyone under a certain age to play for money.

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