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Lucky Jet is a modern slot game at 1WIN Casino, very popular in India. A fun real money game where a man flies a jetpack. Place your bets and make a profit. Get a bonus on your first deposit and a voucher for registration. Try the demo mode for beginners and hone your strategies. Use the rounds statistics to make your betting patterns and withdrawal tactics.

How to play Lucky Jet 1WIN in India


Since 1WIN complies with all Indian legal requirements, the game is fully legal and safe for players. To start playing now, please complete the standard registration via social networks or cell phone and log in to your 1WIN account. Find the game icon and enjoy the gameplay.

Before the start of each round you must place a bet, press the bet button and specify the amount, if you win this amount will be multiplied by the numbers indicated in the center of the screen. In case of defeat, you will lose the whole amount. You can make 2 bets at the same time. After betting money, you only have to wait for Lucky Jet to rocket upwards. Before it «Flies away» press the withdrawal button. If the round is successful, you will get the money multiplied by the coefficient on the screen.

For faster play, you can specify automatic bets and withdrawals. To do this, check the corresponding checkboxes. In the window that appears, select the bet amount and the withdrawal ratio. Now, when you reach a certain number, your bet will exit the round automatically and you will get profit. You can also combine bets, which allows you to reduce losses in the game. Once you bet yourself, and the second you make automatic.

Strategy and tactics of playing Lucky Jet 1WIN in India

Strategies are divided into 2 types:

  • risky for professionals
  • basic for beginners

Since you are interested in how to play, the basic strategy will suit you better. But we will tell you a little bit about the risky strategy Lucky Jet.

High risk strategy 1WIN

First of all, you need to understand that a professional player will never reveal his secrets of the game. Usually those who earn large sums on Lucky Jet 1WIN in India, use standard strategies, combining them for results. The most commonly used schemes are:

  • Labouchère
  • Paroli
  • Martingale

To them, players combine such popular schemes as:

  • x100
  • double bet

But, this is not suitable for a beginner player.

Use basic tactics

Any beginner can take advantage of the game’s built-in features to improve their score. The game presents full round statistics, which allows you to work out an algorithm on your last games. The list expands to the last 40 rounds and based on these Lucky Jet stats you can make a game plan, when it is better to bet, automatically or manually and where it is better to withdraw or bet. Feel free to use the game chat, where you can also see useful game tips and secrets of other players. Another important factor is the top bets of today. By studying their results, you will know that certain «X» odds have played out today and there is no need to wait for them. Special coefficients that are played once a day:

  • x50
  • x100
  • x150
  • x200

Can fall in the game only once a day, so seeing them in the top of the game rounds, you can clearly know that on such a coefficient bet 100% will not play.

Legal Lucky Jet game in India — Reliable 1WIN Casino

1WIN casino has all licenses and is recognized worldwide. It is a fully legal and honest bookmaker. It got its license like many gambling establishments in Curacao. That allows players from India to play and not be afraid for the legality of the game. Since 1WIN watches over its reputation, there is an anti-fraud system in place for games like Lucky Jet. «Provably Fair» is an anti-cheat system. It works both ways. The casino cannot influence the outcome of a round, but neither can the player, even with software or a hack. Which makes playing on the official site of the game completely fair and safe.

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Lucky Jet signals and predictions are a scam!

There are a lot of scammers walking around online trying to scam you. Popular schemes to cheat players at Lucky Jet 1WIN are so-called signals in Telegram and prediction program. Remember that «Provably Fair» completely blocks any attempts to influence the round of the game. Therefore, any hacking programs will not help and you will just lose money. In addition, your account can be hacked, or your card can be accessed. Play only on the official source and do not try to break the rules of the game.