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How to find the official app – download Lucky Jet game 1win?

Lucky jet – app cannot be found in the official Google Play Market or Apple Store. The platforms’ policies prohibit the distribution of such content, so official versions can only be found on the website. We provide the option to install the original, working file with full instructions. To download for android and ios absolutely free.

Developer 👨💻1win Lucky Jet
Product version 🖥️13.09
Installation file size 💽6.9 MB
Installed software volume 💾22 MB
OS ⚙️ Android, iOS
Available countries 🌍India, EU, USA, etc
Streaming products 🎮 🎰Lucky Jet, most common slots, etc.
Price 💵Free
What language 🗺English, Hindi, etc.

Is it safe for my phone?

If the Lucky Jet APK was downloaded from the official source, then it is completely secure for the system. For example, 1win Lucky Jet gets a lot of positive reviews of players who found it on the corresponding website page. We also thoroughly check our files for viruses.

is 1win lucky jet safe?

Lucky Jet APK – How to download 1Win on Android?

Since Lucky Jet 1win cannot be installed from Google Play, you should disable security systems on your phone and allow installation from third-party sources before starting installation. Before you start the installation, make sure that your phone is suitable and you have enough space in the phone memory. You need to follow some simple steps.

how to install lucky jet apk from third-party sources

Allow installations from third-party sources

Before the Lucky Jet game install is available, you need:

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Find the “Privacy Protection” option
  3. Select “Special Permissions”
  4. Click “Third Party Sources”
  5. Now in the list of apps, find the browser that you will use to loading by default
  6. Confirm the download from external sources.
  7. Confirm the agreement and press “OK”

Done, now you can download from external sources. Remember that this is a temporary measure until Lucky Jet loading. This will not affect the security of your device and after all actions you will be able to restore the settings.

how to turn off protection for lucky Jet 1win

Turn off Google Play protection

Now, in order to download Lucky Jet you need to disable Google Play protection. To do this, you need to:

  1. Find the Google Play app on your smartphone
  2. Launch it and go to your personal account by clicking on your avatar
  3. Select «Play Protect»
  4. Press the gear (Settings Menu)
  5. Disable app scanning with “Play Protect”

Google Play will not block application loading now. Remember that this is a temporary measure until the Lucky Jet 1win app is loaded. We strongly recommend that you restore these settings immediately after loading, for the safety of your device.

Lucky Jet 1win Apk Download the official App

Now all you have to do is install the Lucky Jet working app completely free of charge on our official website. Right in this block, find the “Install” button and click on it. After a short pause, the automatic download will start. The Lucky Jet app will appear in the file folder on your smartphone, all you have to do to play is:

  1. Click on the file LuckyJet.apk
  2. Confirm upload
  3. Wait for the installation to complete
  4. After checking for malicious files, click “OK”

Now Lucky Jet 1win is installed on your phone. The corresponding icon will appear on your desktop, it will show the main character of the game with a jetpack. Done, now you can return the protection settings for your phone and enjoy the game. But for more confidence, you can check the file with antivirus. You log in to through your account that you registered in the browser version.

System requirements and devices for the game Lucky Jet 1win

Minimum system requirements for the Lucky Jet game:

Android version number 📲from 5.0 and above
RAM, or temporary memory volume 🎮5 MB
Memory for installation 💾7 MB
Storage free place 💽22 MB

The best phone brands to download Lucky Jet:

  • Asus Rog Phone/ Zenfone
  • Google Pixel
  • Huawei
  • Oppo
  • Lg
  • Meizu
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi

If there are doubts about the suitability of your own gadget, you need to contact the online casino support service. The manager will select the appropriate product for game.

Lucky Jet app – How to download 1Win on iOS (iPhone)?

For Lucky Jet players on Apple smartphones, there is no full download, but an emulation can be created for their convenience. This way, the game will be available faster and work better, plus you won’t have to risk installing additional software on your smartphone. To create such an emulation, you will need to take a few steps.

Especially for the native Apple browser, It is enough to paste and activate to boot the download without much hassle. If one is sure they will require the link more in the future, it would be wise for them to save it in the bookmarks of the program

open 1win lucky jet link

Click “Share”

Starting from the current step, the button for sharing can be used that is basically equivalent to download. It is enough to find the standard, familiar icon and apply it while remaining on the page.

how to share Lucky Jet 1win

Click “Go to Home Screen” and click “Done”

After the previous step, it is only left to choose an option “Go Home Screen” and save the changes within said session before closing it. With these steps, regular access to the Lucky Jet game is guaranteed as expected, bringing delight.

1 win lucky jet home screen

iOS system requirements

The list of minimal demands for them looks like this:

iOS 🍏from 10 and above
Free space 💾100 MB
Storage free place 💽1 GB

Compliance with the recommendations will help you quickly and without any damage to the operating system to download mobile software. You log in to through your account that you registered in the browser version.

Apple devices for the Lucky Jet 1win game

Lucky Jet game is available on Apple devices. Such devices can load the program:

iPhone 📲Model 4 or higher
iPad 💻Model 2 or higher
iPod 📱Model 5 or higher

Lucky Jet for PC – desktop version

To play on PC, no loading is required. An early access 1win application for desktop was introduced. Since the browser version is more suitable for playing, even if you install Lucky Jet game on PC, there may be optimization problems.

lucky jet game desktop

Therefore, we recommend you to play in browser version, for this you need:

  1. Go to the official website of the game
  2. Find the “Lucky Jet” tab
  3. Launch the game

For a more comfortable game, you can install the app on your smartphone to play on PC at home and use the mobile version on the road.

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